A very strong Cobham came to Cranleigh having finished runners up in Div 1 last season.
Cranleigh started well with Leo Lord and Sullivan Howick linking up well together up front .
The first chance off the game fell to Sully after a through ball by Leo with Sully shooting narrowly wide. Sully then beat the full back to drive the ball across goal with Leo sliding in missing the ball by inches. It wasent all going Cranleighs way as Cobham hit the bar direct from a corner.
Harry Dancaster was having another superb game covering all along the back line negating Cobhams pace.
The first goal of the game went to Cobham as an over hit back pass was tipped onto the post by our keeper only for the rebound to fall straight to the Cobham striker 1-0
Cobham are very quick with 3 lightening players up front and one of these broke for a 1v1 with Isaac Denton – Miller in goal who stood up strong to save.
A great run down our right by Alastair Hill passing on to Sully who laid a great ball to Josh Maurizi who took a touch and drove home. Unfortunately as the players turned to celebrate a deserved equaliser the Cobham linesman decided to raise his flag . Questionable to say the least.
Again Cobham broke forward and again Izzy stood tall (well as tall as he can ) to produce another great stop.The half finished with Cobham in front 1-0 . Cranleigh hadent been at their best and a couple of changes were made.

With a much improved Cranleigh it wasent long before we deservedly were back level.
As Josh battled for the ball he rolled a pass in front of Sully and with defenders in front of him smashed it from outside the box into the top corner 1-1. Cranleigh weren’t in front for long as a high long ball was allowed to bounce in our half over the defender and into the path of the Cobham forward who scored 2-1. Back came Cranleigh with a perfect ball by Leo inside the fullback for Sully to run past the defender beat another and scored. Yet again the Cobham linesman waited until the goal had been scored to flag offside !!!!.

How a player can be offside when he has to run past a defender after the ball is played is beyond me .
With another clear goal disallowed the Cranleigh team clearly looked deflated. With the last 5 minutes Cobham scored 2 further goals to flatter the scoreline 4-1.

Final score 4-1 which wasent a true reflection of the game as Cranleigh matched Cobham all game and but for 2 very strange decisions would have achieved a deserved draw.

Scorer – Sullivan Howick

Men of the match Isaac Denton – Miller – superb saves especially twice 1v1 with the striker
Harry Dancaster – Tackled everything and another great game