The game began with an uphill disadvantage for Cranleigh and Gatwick Hammers attacked strongly.  Their early attempt on goal was dismissed with a good save by Jake and then they were on the defensive. After a near miss from Rylan, the first goal came from Raul sixteen minutes in.  Cranleigh continued to torment them from the right and a long, high volley from Gwilym bought us our second goal. Sixteen minutes into the second half and a mistake at the back led to a goal for Gatwick Hammers. Cranleigh rallied and as the play grew tense were awarded a penalty bring the goal tally to three.

Gatwick Hammers continued to play with passion and a penalty given minutes before the end of the game was expertly saved by Jake. It was a game of high drama, but the final score Cranleigh 3, Gatwick Hammers 1.

Report by Laurence Evans